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Frequently Asked Questions

The LTC license to carry course is designed for individuals who wish to obtain their Texas Handgun License Permit. The course covers the basics of firearms handling, safety, and laws, and helps participants demonstrate their proficiency with firearms.

The cost of the LTC course is $375.

The Level 2 security training course is an unarmed, non-commissioned security officer training program. It covers basic security training, including basic laws and procedures for unarmed security guards, and costs $75.00.

The Level 3 security training course is an armed, commissioned security officer training program. It covers Texas penal codes, administrative rules and regulations, as well as handcuffing and taser techniques, and costs $175.00.

Yes, you can take the Combo Level 2 and Level 3 course for $250.00.

Yes, the use of force training (Force of Continuum) is included in the course plans.
No, you do not need prior firearms or security training experience to enroll in our courses. All levels of experience are welcome.